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US Republicans are vulnerable

DESPITE the booming economy and low unemployment, U.S. Republicans are facing moral character issues as they try to hold onto the House and the Senate.

The state of the economy will still play a crucial role in this coming November elections. But it remains to be seen if the Republicans can escape their own character image especially regarding sexual harassment issues.

Sexual harassment allegations plus Trump tax evasion allegations can derail the GOP.

Trump’s tweet bullying outbursts might also cost the GOP to lose more seats in the House and the Senate. It really depends on American voters.

Despite the good economic headlines, polls and historical data indicate that the Republicans may still lose seats in the House.

There are 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats up for grabs, and Democrats may win 23 additional seats in the House and two in the Senate.

If we look at the polls, Democrats have an 8.5 percent lead over Republicans.

Usually if families are happy with the economy they reward the party in power on Election Day but there are exceptions to this “rule.”

The GOP may be presiding over a strong economy but if your party carries a lot of baggage regarding government corruption or sexual harassment cover-up, it can hurt its candidates on Election Day.

It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the moral conduct of those in office that counts. Voters are not stupid when it comes to moral conduct or the character of their elected officials.

Voters tend to vote for their wallets but in this election the biggest issue is sexual harassment cover-up from.

I don’t think Americans voters are really that dumb. They always try to weigh the bad from the good and they vote for honesty and truth.

But in politics anything is possible. You can be bribed, manipulated or brainwashed to vote for the GOP or the Dems. Either way, vote for the least evil.

For the CNMI GOP, the MV Luta controversy is its biggest problem that may just sink the GOP in the Marianas trench, but again that’s up to the voters to decide.

History is against the GOP in the U.S. despite the great economic numbers.

There is a great possibility that if the GOP loses it’s because of President Trump. It’s not mathematics. It’s history repeating itself in politics.

This November will also determine Trump’s next two years. If Democrats take the House there is a real chance of impeachment and investigation into Trump’s sex and other scandals.

Amid all these allegations of GOP corruption and cover up, whether it be in the U.S. or the CNMI, it’s the  independent swing voters who could bring change to politics.

Whatever happens or whoever wins, remember: it’s the people who can decide on the moral image of America today.

In closing, the truth is we don’t know what will happen on Election Day, but people who vote are the ones who can decide the moral conduct of those in office.

So voters, please vote with caution.

Portland, Oregon