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Biba Election Day on Nov. 13

GOOD luck and best wishes to all the CNMI election-day hopefuls.

Despite the critics and cynics constantly criticizing our elected officials, our democratic way of life is “mostly” preserved by free elections.  Although getting elected is NOT free by any means and those who are elected owe many debts after being elected into office, we all pray that honesty, wisdom and fair play govern the minds of all our chosen CNMI politicians.

That being said, I think I’ll have a nice cold beer and toast one of the best candidates running for the House of Representatives, i.e., Stanley Tudela McGinnis Torres!   Stanley’s background of business leadership, great love of family and friends, and his sincere devotion to the people of our islands is a lasting legacy that needs to be placed again in the House of Representatives.

I worked for Stanley for many years and witnessed his forward thinking endeavors that enriched many residents of our islands. He was the original sponsor of several pieces of legislation that have become laws today that hopefully will keep our government financially viable if properly managed, e.g., the casino act, the marijuana act, CHCC board governance act, reasonable zoning acts, etc.  He wrote a compelling piece of legislation to lawfully create the Saipan & Northern Islands Budget Act, which would rightfully keep all the revenues generated by Saipan to stay on Saipan for its own budgetary spending.  He was a watchdog who would fight the autocratic ways of the CUC, the fire department and its endless supply of red paint, the zoning office, and other rogue government agencies that would create their own little despotic empires.  He also kept the governor in check when reckless schemes brought on by lust and power would infiltrate the government office of our island’s CEO.  All retirees owe a big thanks to Stanley when he thwarted the executive order that almost led to the retirement fund’s demise by being transferred to the governor’s office, which in turn was being set up to fund a monster contract for unnecessary CUC engines.

If you want a fighter and a friend in the legislature, please vote for Stanley.

Navy Hill, Saipan