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Contractor crisis on Saipan

I HAVE been contacting most Saipan contractors and they are not available to accommodate the damage for residential repairs. What is the CNMI government proposing to remedy this crisis?

Most Saipan businesses hire four to five contractors to handle their damage repairs. As you know, most contract workers were sent back to the Philippines and skilled workers are scarce. Could you please inquire from the EOC, the governor’s office and other involved agencies on what is their solution to this crisis?

Recommend to (publish online) all Saipan contractors’ telephone numbers and email addresses for the public to access, and their availability  to perform estimates and repairs.

The problem here is that there will be home owners accepting contractors to do their repairs in a speedy manner. The end result: there will be many sub-standard and sloppy work done ending with many complaints. Notify the public to take caution in selecting capable contractors.

Your immediate attention is greatly appreciated.


Owner of a damaged residence
As Matuis, Saipan