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BOE bullies threaten teachers

BULLYING is heard about the most in schools as children are the one who are the most susceptible to becoming a bully. But the Board of Education is the BIGGEST BULLY of them all and they even have real POWER which makes it extremely TERRIBLE!

Just like a bully the BOE is now THREATENING Teachers to sign an addendum to their contract or get FIRED! If this is not bullying then we need to include it in the definition because threating teachers to sign something they don’t have to sign by “LAW” is pure bullying behavior. But this is not the first time for the BOE and even some Principals have used the clause in teachers’ contract to “terminate teachers without cause” which is really a tool of RETALIATION — SHAME ON YOU BOE & Principals who use this clause to retaliate.

But like BULLIES they are AFRAID to stand up to the Governor and say NO!!!! They would rather take it out on their teachers instead of PROTESTING what the Governor is doing as there are other solutions but no one is forcing the Governor to otherwise. Like a bully they turn COWARD when they face some real POWER like the Governor — bunch of COWARDS!!! Forcing teachers to sign an addendum to their contract that releases PSS from any liability for their pay-cuts is WRONG and even EVIL as PSS has a LEGAL DUTY to live up to teachers’ contracts as they ARE! Threatening teachers is really placing them under “undue pressure” which any court will see as a violation of their RIGHTS and EXPECTATION under their original contract by a THREAT! BOE can ask teachers to sign the addendum but they can’t THREATEN TEACHERS. I now see why Teachers want to protest and they should with very good reasons and NO Teacher should sign the addendum to their contract as they can’t fire EVERYONE so PLEASE stick together this time or you will continue to be BULLIED, for TRUE!

I fought tooth and nail with my heart in it to try and help teachers get bargaining rights so teachers could get the “without cause” erased from their contracts. But the BOE then got some teachers from the mainland and a few locals to actually fight against me so I KNOW firsthand they don’t play fair and it is still going on. When I refused to run for a second term BOE even got the Constitution changed with the help of UNEDUCATED voters who really didn’t know what they were doing thinking they were HELPING PSS when in reality they SEALED the fate of our teachers to be an OPPRESSED group of employees FOREVER! I know the teachers of today really which I had succeeded but maybe NOW teachers will join together and get the clause ERASED in their contracts so they can’t be threatened anymore. The BOE made the Teacher Rep position and Teachers a “Captain Dummy” position with no real power. Teachers really need to PROTEST about the addendum and the “without cause” in their contracts because without that clause BOE’s BULLYING days will be OVER, for TRUE! One Teacher and ALL Teachers to join together and STOP the bullying by BOE!

Former Teacher Rep. to BOE