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O ye of no faith!

THE fact that people want to make a “joke” and make all kinds of ridiculous comments about the Amelia Earhart Monument project is a testament of how UGLY some People can be.

I know that kids can be ugly due to their immaturity but I don’t have any compassion for adults who are ugly and disrespectful. I bet those commenters are the SAME ones who attend Mass saying “through MY faults” and asking for forgiveness. These are the persons that I referred to when I said: “they live for God on Sunday and work for the devil on Monday.” No real Faith just Ugly for TRUE. These individuals make some of the most outlandish statements in the Comment Section that are sickening to even read so I know how Ms. Castro must have felt. They don’t have ANY RESPECT not knowing that respect is a RECIPROCAL Phenomenon so if you don’t give respect don’t ever expect to receive respect.

While there are those who make inquiries, compliments and suggestive comments there are some who hide in the Comment Section like mice in church which is why I call that section the Cyber Rat Den. They think because Ms. Marie Castro was a Nun and is now an elder that she can’t fight back but I have NEWS for those who are AFRAID to use their real name. I would like to believe that God literally has His hand over Ms. Castor’s head and there are MANY who will fight back for her and I am the Pack LEADER! There is nothing I detest more than the abuse of our elderly and children be it verbal or physical. So the next time you want to try and embarrass Ms. Castor just remember the figurative rock you throw WILL be coming back at you from ME only the next time I will do my research and expose YOUR name and YOU for what YOU are as God doesn’t like ugly and neither do I. Peace and May God be with Your Poor Souls because you obviously need his help.

As for the monument

I will reiterate that the Monument is about Amelia Earhart’s accomplishments, especially as a woman who surpassed records by men such as Charles Lindbergh. As for those who still oppose the Monument wanting some kind of PROOF that she died on Saipan you can go take a hike because the Monument IS NOT about her dying on Saipan and you need to know that Elvis has NOTHING to do with the Monument as you seem to think it is funny. I have taught 5th graders with more maturity. The Funding is well underway and we are working to secure enough to build the Monument and there are two or three potential locations already identified.

It is important that People understand the Monument is simply about Recognition of a Woman Pilot, her accomplishments and her Flight that ended somewhere in the Pacific. The stories of her dying here may NEVER be proven or disproved nor can they be erased so those stories are just something that will forever be attached to Amelia Earhart so get-over-it and learn to deal with REALITY!

Our group is extremely thankful to those who are in support of the Monument. To those who are against it we will pray for your understanding and that you will even join us one day because the Monument is well-deserved, proper and fitting along with the fact that it will SURELY complement our Tourism Industry as there are literally tens of thousands of People who are still interested in her story. One people one direction for the Monument and may Peace & Love be With You!

Kagman, Saipan