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Safer Grotto, better Grotto

I WAS surprised to learn that the Grotto may be closed for three months because it is not safe enough for visitors.

I was in the tourism industry for many years. As maintenance workers we helped keep tourist spots in order including Managaha. We did our job well. I witnessed it for many years.

Locals and tourists enjoy visiting the Grotto. Keeping the site safe and maintaining its cleanliness is important for all of us. But it demands a permanent effort in this direction.

What would I suggest to address the concerns regarding the Grotto?

All its areas, especially the tunnels into the ocean, must be under surveillance, 24/7. Underwater cameras should be installed. Footage should be stored in cloud storage. An underwater microphone can also allow for an emergency information exchange with the life guards. The Grotto should have life guards.

Our government can help make Grotto safer, and better.

According to what I have heard, our lawmakers are considering to impose charges on tourists who visit the Grotto. I think it is better just to build a toll-gate at the entrance of the Grotto and collect $5 from each visitor.

Maybe we can also charge each visitor for entering other tourist and recreational areas.

I hope my suggestions are to the point.

Lower Navy Hill, Saipan