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Equality not racism, CNMI!

I AM writing this letter to express some thoughts on the article titled “Epitaph of CNMI democracy (31): GOP racism and a picture” your newspaper published on Aug. 6, 2019.

This article mentioned about the PURE Racism in many of the Laws created by the GOP which have FAILED miserably. I truly believe that if we the people of the CNMI value Equality over Racism, then we will ALWAYS be CNMI STRONG.

In order to be CNMI STRONG, we the people of the Mariana Islands need to be aware that Racism is not a JOKE. It is very true that Racism does exist throughout the world and it covers the entire globe — North, South. East. and West. It is observed in every countries, states, communities, villages, and neighborhoods. It has been known as one of the most hideous factors of violence, hatred, and segregations around the world. So, let us (people of the CNMI) not continue to plant the seeds of RACISM but to plant and fertilize the seeds of EQUALITY, PEACE, and LOVE.

In conclusion, it is not bad to speak the mind (FREEDOM OF SPEECH) but remember that words are sharp and deadly. They could add more fuel to the flame of Racism in the CNMI and I personally do not accept that.

Marianas High School student