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Half-day sessions at PSS (2)

MAYBE what our community lacks is sufficient, truthful communication?

Put another way, our community would benefit greatly, if more people in-the-know shared more openly about what they know especially when what they know are matters of public concern and could have reverberating effects on our community as a whole.

Maybe other people have a different experience, but I’ve grown accustomed (somewhat) to not getting responses either to general or specific questions particularly when posed via email or via letters to the editor. In most cases, I let my own curiosity slip off into oblivion — a kind of black hole, if you will. In any event, it was a refreshing change to have people reach out to me directly in response an open letter printed in Thursday’s Variety.

Basically, I was pontificating about PSS half-days at some of our schools (and yes, I’ll admit that I was being a bit dogmatic, if not pompous, in my message due for the most part to being frustrated... no offense intended and my apologies to anyone who took it as such). As with most things, not all is always as it seems. Often questions lead to more questions and even the most direct, simplest answers create more questions.

In the case of our schools not being repaired in time for the new school year, it would seem that it all comes down to a lack of funds. As I understand it per newly acquired information, it seems there may be two primary issues at play with respect to our “Double Session” schools: (1) FEMA operates on a reimbursement basis, so any work that needs to get done needs to be paid for upfront and then FEMA can reimburse. Presently, there are outstanding reimbursement requests with FEMA that have not been reimbursed — I’d like to know if FEMA has other mechanisms for providing financial support (?), and (2) Our central, local government has yet to transmit allocated budget for PSS. Rumor has it that to date PSS may have only received half or less of what it’s due for the fiscal year.

To echo my questions from Thursday’s letter, who are calling out our central government? How are they doing it? And why haven’t they been heard? Again, real questions that call for real answers. Perhaps our Governor and the rest of our political leaders can step up and answer these questions?

And, I still think it would ease some of our concerns to get some concrete numbers (i.e., better communication) as to what the government has provided to date or to be made aware of what steps PSS has taken to get what is owed. Perhaps there needs to be greater public outcry?

San Vicente, Saipan