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Dear Democrat Party: Basta enough!

IT has become clear to me that there are members who DO NOT want me involved in helping the Party.

Where were these people in the previous General Election when I was the “Public Relations Person, the primary Author of the Platform, the Sign Person who designed-got printed-and helped to put up signs along with other duties I performed. YOU PEOPLE behind the scenes have put me and Nola at ODDS due to your UNPROFESSIONALISM and it’s easy to see why you guys looked so PITIFUL in the voting numbers in the last election — TRUTH, not spit. I know the TRUTH HURTS but I am not spitting on the Party just telling the TRUTH which can hurt but REAL PROFESSIONALS don’t let issues get so personal that they become BLIND and PREJUDICE.

I know many in the Democrat Party are tied to the NMDs and the ONLY reason Nola is the President is because she is HALF Local and willing to put money into the Party. I have truly ADMIRED Nola for the longest of times ever since she first burst on the public scene. I have known her since she was a child and her Mother is one of my personal friends. It was not fair nor RIGHT for you guys who are hating on me to put her on the spot with me by refusing to even meet with me.

I know that Nola is waiting to meet with Kilili but he CAN’T fix the problem of the Democrat Party being dysfunctional as he can’t be the “attack dog” for the Party. He has to remain bipartisan to a large degree. Kilili, Nola nor can I fix the problem as it will take a real TEAM effort with ALL-HANDS-ON-DECK. The Democrats are in NO POSITION to be CHOOSY when you can’t get ANYONE elected. The Democrats should be welcoming EVERYONE who wants to help the Party. FYI Democrats, I was and have been helping the Democrats ever since I was able to vote over 50 YEARS ago so those who claim I am not a Democrat need to really apologize for the gesture that I’m not a Democrat. I missed the last election recovering from Cancer and I only helped the GOP in the past because there was NO and I will repeat NO Democrats to even HELP, duh! Where were these people hating on me for the past two decades as they were not part of the Party when I helped in the previous election against Inos? So STOP trying to drive a wedge between me and Nola whom I have the utmost respect for and admiration for what she is doing especially with the Young Professionals. But it’s obvious to me that she doesn’t know HOW to handle these dissenters and a “gift horse” who wants to help figuratively.

I have been trying to meet with the Executive people over the Party for months and Nola continues to put me off all because of YOU!!! I just wish I knew exactly WHO these hating people are so that I can AIM my concerns DIRECTLY at them because it is not too Nola and the Party’s benefit for these People to be dictating HATE to Nola saying I’m spitting on the Party when real professionals know I’m just challenging the Party and Independents to do BETTER for ALL the PEOPLE, not me! Nola needs all the help she can get and you guys are sitting back complaining spitting on me while our Governor and his GOP’s boat is figuratively SINKING yet We the People don’t hear ANYTING from the Party. So if YOU PEOPLE don’t want me talking about the Party in Public then MEET with me in Private because I shouldn’t have to BEG to help you guys. Amen!

Kagman, Saipan