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Rota parishioners want Father Antonelli retained

THE Diocese of Chalan Kanoa has made its intention known that most pastoral and administrative duties will be removed from Reverend Monsignor Luis Antonelli by Nov. 29, 2015.

This has caused frustration and anger among the parishioners of San Isidro Church who strongly disagree with the decision made.

Monsignor Antonelli has served the people of Rota for over 42 years for both the Sinapalo San Isidro Church and San Francisco De Borja Church.

Luis AntonelliLuis Antonelli

Monsignor Antonelli has stated that “as long as it is God’s will for him to serve, he is more than happy to do it” during a Parish Council Meeting on Oct. 28 at the San Isidro Church.

There is no just cause or evidence to remove his pastoral or administration duties as he has always fulfilled his obligation and responsibilities to the San Isidro Church and its parishioners. He has accomplished more for Rota’s parishioners than any person in Rota’s history.

Parishioners will be devastated if they are not able to practice their tradition with our beloved monsignor who under his leadership and guidance built San Isidro Church without debt and is currently valued at $1 million.

The monsignor is a spiritual icon in our island community and he should be given the respect he has earned for his service and position as a holy man who has always serviced our community by providing Communion to the sick, instituting all the sacraments, and fulfilling all his pastoral obligations.”

Monsignor Antonelli was named “Prelate of Honor” as recommended by Bishop Thomas Camacho and bestowed by then-Pope and now Saint John Paul II.

Monsignor Antonelli also served as a teacher for many seminarians including Bishop Thomas Camacho.

With all his service and his commitment to teach the word of God, there will be more harm than good done if this plan is executed.

The parishioner’s hope that the diocese will give consideration that the people of Rota know what is right for them that best fits the needs of their community.

San Isidro Parish Council President James C. Manglona has made efforts to contact Father Ryan Jimenez, the apostolic administrator for the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa but no responses or call backs were given.

Father Ryan only serves as the custodian who ensures the continuity and maintenance of the parishes.

The parishioners question his authority to remove any pastoral or administrative duties of Monsignor Antonelli.

Father Ryan has been the apostolic administrator for about five years and has never visited or supported Monsignor Antonelli until he came to Rota to inform the monsignor of the decision to remove his administrative and pastoral duties.

The parishioners now plan to take action to show the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa that the people of Rota appeal for them to consider and respect the wishes of the parishioners and withdraw the effective date for the monsignor’s departure from the diocese.

A petition will be distributed and sent to not only the diocese but to the Apostolic Nuncio in New Zealand who is the Pacific Apostolic Delegate to the Vatican.

Manglona is calling out all the people of Rota and our neighboring islands “to come together to show our love, support, and faith in the monsignor’s ability and desire to continue to serve God’s flock” by signing the petition. We stand with our fellow parishioners and others in urging the diocese to rescind their plan and to keep Monsignor Antonelli pastoral and administrative duties associated with his position.

Monsignor Antonelli has played a role in all the people of Rota’s spiritual celebrations and we should respect and honor his wishes to continue to serve the people of Rota as the pastor for the San Isidro Church.

The congregants are the church and without us, San Isidro Church would only be a building.

Monsignor Antonelli plays a significant role in bringing together our people to celebrate the Catholic faith, without him, it would not be the same.

Sinapalo, Rota