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The breaking point

EVERYONE has a “breaking point.” An individual who thinks he is being ignored will also believe that the system has failed him. So when this kind of issues arises, people will bring the matter to the media’s attention.

Variety on Friday published a letter from Rota parents seeking justice for their minor son. They said the police and the AG’s office had failed them. They said the AG’s office told them that it couldn’t do anything because the case was weak.

I’m not sure if the AG’s office was telling the truth, but the parents of the victim believe that something is not right.

I think the parents deserve a better explanation as to why the case can’t be prosecuted in a court of law.

The parents are concerned too about the police officer who interrogated their son without parental consent or the presence of his parents. When the son was apprehended the authorities should’ve notified the parents about their son’s situation.

No one is expecting the police to do their job 100 percent right all the time. Everyone makes a mistake and no one is perfect. Even a rocket scientist makes mistakes.

So I’m not accusing anyone, but some people are also aware about interference issues because of politics and familia as well as si kumpai’re and si kumai’re.

Why do people think this way? Because perhaps this is going on in the commonwealth. The CNMI can’t be better unless we stop this practice.

Everyone expects and deserves fair treatment and equal protection under the law. Stop the corruption and the cover up!

I remember back in the late 1990’s when I attended a course at NMC call Command Staff Academy and our instructor was from DPS. He told us that when they did an audit on traffic citations and DUI cases, they couldn’t believe that most violators and those arrested were Filipinos and Koreans. To me something is wrong and it’s totally shocking in my opinion. Probably for sure by now if they would do an audit on traffic and DUI cases I guarantee that statistics would include Chinese, Bangladeshis and other outsiders.

Susupe, Saipan