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Critical public or social services must be prioritized

CNMI lawmakers must come clean and pay landowners before they tackle important social or public services. Federal grants may be cut across the board affecting healthcare, BECQ, education, food stamps and all other social or public services, and there will be a lot of challenges ahead in terms of shortage of workers.

As the economy grows, lawmakers must figure out which department or which projects must be funded like CHC, CUC, PSS, public safety, NMC and NMTI. They must ensure that things are moving in the right direction for more job training and opportunities for the local workforce.

Tinian and Rota must be included when creating more job opportunities for the local people. The need to hire our citizens must be taken into consideration so CNMI families will have jobs and pay checks.

There must be a crackdown on recruiters abusing our labor system and giving the CNMI a bad image when they exploit poor Chinese workers. This problem has to stop. But it seems that the CNMI has never learned its lessons from the past.

All infrastructure projects must be prioritized to meet the needs of investors and the local community. Neighborhoods and businesses must be protected from burglars and thieves, and we should all have safe and healthy living conditions.

It’s very sad that some of our people are homeless today because the CNMI government is not doing enough to help them. Not only do we have shortage of housing, but most landlords would rather rent to foreigners.

Our local people should not be on a waiting list for housing. The government should help them build their own homes with proper infrastructure in place like water and power.

Lawmakers were elected to improve the people’s lives so when our people become homeless in their own islands it tells you that lawmakers prefer to help out guest workers rather than helping out their own people. This must be addressed today so we can minimize CNMI homelessness now.

The landowners who are still waiting for their land compensation need their money to start building their homes and spend their money back into our economy so we have more revenue to spend on infrastructure projects that the CNMI badly needs. It only makes sense to pay up and have more revenues spent in the CNMI now.

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce and HANMI must work together with NMC and NMTI to train and accelerate the hiring process of our local workforce as CW’s leave the islands.

Minimum wage hikes must not be blocked by businesses. The U.S. minimum wage must be enforced to entice more locals or U.S, citizens to get jobs.

Lawmakers must stop the self-interest and greed and do their job effectively. The government must enforce local workforce laws to help local people get jobs and be self-reliant and productive members of the CNMI community. They didn’t vote for all of you lawmakers to ignore your obligations.

In conclusion, Chinese or any foreign investors must not tell you lawmakers how to do your job. It’s CNMI people like me who are telling you to help your own people. This unfair mistreatment of our people must stop. It’s bad enough that you and your foreign investors have been damaging the CNMI’s image for decades now. Enough.

Portland, Oregon