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The debate

TWO candidates for governor were invited to a debate.

The first question: If elected, what will be your first priority?

Says Candidate A: “Improve education, healthcare and infrastructure.”

Says Candidate B: “First of all, I agree with my opponent, but that’s also what everyone says during campaign time: education, healthcare and infrastructure. I will look into these issues and if there are problems, then they must be corrected right away. I will also look into the track record of each cabinet appointee. I will clean up corruption, and I will look into the CW and visa waiver issues and work with the feds. This tourist situation from China should be put to a stop. They came here for tourist reasons, but not for work. Many of our people are so concerned. Lastly I will continue to support our efforts against the drug problem.”

Second question: How would you improve our tourist destination?

Candidate A: “I will have MVA look into it since they are in charge.”

Candidate B: “I will do my best and try to restore our relationship with the Japanese government. There are many cities in Japan that can be sources of tourists. Once I succeed with restoring our relationship, perhaps they can fly their aircraft to Saipan on a daily schedule. I’m thinking too of Manila, the Philippines.”

Third question: How would you address the littering problem?

Candidate A: “There’s a task force just recently organized plus DEQ and Parks and Recreation personnel.”

Candidate B: “But is it working? I will make sure that there are trash bins at picnic locations and that they will be emptied daily. I will make sure that there will be signs against littering in every corner. I will look into installing surveillance cameras if necessary. I’m also concerned about dogs, cats and rats roaming around. Sometimes too when it’s so windy and the trash bins are overflowing, the trash gets scattered all over the ground. And who do they blame?”

Next question: How would you minimize government expenditures?

Candidate A: “I will look into the agencies of the government and evaluate their operation.”

Candidate B: “Well, as of now the government perhaps is spending so much money on office space rentals. There are lots of government housing up there on Capital Hill built during the Trust Territory era. These buildings can be fixed and used as offices. Some government agencies are there already. All or almost all government offices can be in one location. The former leaders’ plan was to build a government facility and centralize all government offices, but it didn’t happen. I’ve seen the master plan of that proposed building. It was beautiful.”

Last question: How would you reorganize the government?

Candidate A: “I will look into it with our transition committee.”

Candidate B: “It’s easy. For example, the Department of Public Safety. I don’t need two commissioners. One is enough, but the commissioner can appoint a director for the correctional facility and motor vehicles bureau. I will also ask the commissioner to establish a cold case investigating unit and concentrate on unsolved murder cases. I will ask one cold case detective from the U.S. to help and train local detectives.”

So now, who should I vote for? Candidate A is my cousin, but Candidate B has a good plan in mind. End of story.

Susupe, Saipan