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An open letter to the indigenous people of the Marianas

GREETINGS once again. My recent letters to the editor briefly touched on the economy and who actually controls and owns it and as such it exposes our commonwealth government’s vulnerability and its limitation.

I also touched upon the corrupt CUC board resulting in massive public discontent. Then as if these were not enough, our government continues to face the huge and complicated CW issue. But as complicated as it is together with all of its sensitive political components, I am convinced that our Governor and Congressman Kilili possess the will, skills, and expertise to resolve this issue successfully with the U.S Congress and the federal government.

Then there’s the U.S. military equation with regards to the island of Tinian and the paradise beauty, our island of Pagan. I venture to say that some intellectuals out there may think that the military can take what the military wants and when they want it. While this may be true elsewhere, let us encourage our Governor and all of our stakeholders to be pleasantly assured that majority of our NMD’s will stand in unity to help grant our island of Pagan her wishes to remain pristine in her natural beauty. Her other wish is to maintain her natural good health so she can continue sharing her abundance with the generation behind ours unconditionally.

Governor, we can achieve this without being disrespectful, or be viewed as un-American or un-patriotic. But let us not be mistaken. U.S. citizenship is a privilege, not a right. We have to be extraordinarily smart when assigning value for being a U.S. citizen.

No one should take the pleasure for the removal of the CUC board. We should instead try to feel and imagine how difficult and heavy the load was and the amount of internal pain our Governor had to endure before he made his final decision.

Governor Torres, we are humbled by your resolve and our deep respect to you as a person and for the way you chose to take the high road with all of its wisdom as you profoundly represent your people well. You made all of us very proud. Si Yuus Maase Governor.


Saipan, CNMI