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It was a Happy Labor Day!

THE recently held Labor Day celebration proved to be excellent!

Congratulations to the organizers of a multi-sided, complex and cheerful event! Defying the rain, other big and small mishaps, government employees continue to serve our people. Our mayor, Mr. David Apatang, leads a team with high quality managerial abilities.

Getting down to CNMI labor issues, I cannot really see why we are short of workers all the time. Why can’t a population of 60,000 serve properly the same 60,000? If we have no foreign workers at all then we would have to re-organize in such a way that life would keep going on and the economy would keep developing, right? We could switch aggressively to more labor-saving technologies right? So, why not begin re-organizing now under a well-crafted CNMI-wide program?

Are we doing enough to bring back our people working outside and far-far outside? Many of them in their hearts long to be back with their dear family and friends on island. A little more precise set of incentives are needed to persuade them to come back and serve their own people!

Also, those who have been here for years as nonresident workers will work even harder and more eagerly if they are given a chance of earning a more permanent immigration status.

The above indicated three ways, I hope, will be helpful in making our labor force a little more to the point and more effective. Wise labor policies can make everyday a Happy Labor Day!

God bless the CNMI! God bless our laborers!

Lower Navy Hill, Saipan