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The bottleneck of CUC services

WE the elderly from the Saipan Aging Center have to visit the CUC office like other people. Each of us visit at least once a month or twice or thrice.

Each time we witness the same sad picture of many people standing in an endless to-pay line and waiting an hour or two for their turn to pay their bills. There are only a few cashiers and they are slow. For those in line, life is passing by and precious time is being wasted.

Some stay in the line accompanied by children, some are with disabilities. And the manamko’ are there with their age-related complications, health problems and limited energy. All are in a hurry to pay their bills and to do something else that also needs to be done in another place.

While in line, they are not creating anything! Our economy is incurring losses. Standing for hours also makes them angry. At this bottleneck, nobody is winning!

We regular people are not capable of advising CUC professionals how to re-organize their work. They are specialists! We can never force them to work better until they want it themselves. But we know for sure that if they work more efficiently and CUC becomes more profitable then they and everyone else benefits.

We the elderly ask our honorable leaders to find a way of invigorating CUC’s customer service, please! Maybe more computers should be set up for accepting payments. Maybe CUC should ask more banks to accept CUC payments at least from the elderly.

All civilized societies provide special accommodations to the elderly. Senior citizens are weak and vulnerable. They need some help. Our CNMI leaders know what to do and how. May the Lord put more mercy into your hearts!

Gualo Rai, Saipan