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Message of appreciation

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and donors for this year’s San Francisco de Borja Fiesta celebration.

The Fiesta of San Francisco de Borja would not have been successful without the help and support of all our many donors from the off-island business community and the community as well. I, would like to thank the following:

1. Ms. Lou Leon Guerrero

2. Msgr. Luis Antonelli

3. Rick C. Barcinas

4. Natividad O. Barcinas

5. Imperial Resort

6. MID-PAC Guam

7. Ambros-Guam

8. Pepsi-Guam

9. Gilbert Chaco

10. Chief Joey San Nicolas

11. Chief Joe Cruz

12. Carl T.C. Gutierrez

13. Diego T. Benevente

14. Tan Holdings

15. J’s Restaurant

16. Mayor’s Council of Guam

17. Coast 360 FCU

18. Pacific Island Club-Saipan

19. Hyatt-Saipan

20. Lt. Gov. Victor Hocog

21. Mayor Efrain Atalig

22. 16th Rota RMC

23. Rota Delegation

24. Justice Perry Inos

25. Fiesta Resort

26. Rick Kautz

27. David M. Calvo

28. Pete Dela Cruz

29. Terry Pangelinan “Bolis”

30. Joe Muna

31. Marian Aldan-Pierce

32. Clyde Norita

33. Guam Police Department

34. Guam Fire Department


36. DPS Rota

37. DFEMS-Rota/Saipan

38. Calvo Enterprise

39. TJ’s Enterprise-Sinapalo

40. Rota Resort

41. Meena Park

42. United Airlines

43. John A. Barcinas

44. All Rota government agencies

45. Speaker BJ Cruz

46. Vicky Benavente

47. NMC-Rota

48. KKMP Radio Station

49. Rota Filipino Association

50. Marianas Agupa Talk Show

51. Eskuelan San Francisco

52. Donald M. Manglona

53. Vince Calvo

Lastly, I want to thank also those individuals that were not mentioned, but had help so much during the fiesta preparation. Thank you, Si Yu’us Ma’ase! And God bless.

2017 San Francisco de Borja Fiesta chairman