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Canoe reaches Guam after long journey from New Zealand, Saipan, Rota

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — A traditionally styled canoe that has made an astounding journey thousands of miles across the ocean from New Zealand to the Marianas reached its Guam stop Tuesday morning at the Hagåtña boat basin.

The canoe Okeanos Marianas and its crew draw inspiration from seafaring traditions from the past, using stars as their navigational guide, with a mix of sustainable and modern practices. The canoe uses solar energy, but is also powered by coconut oil.

Its design comes from stargazing ancestors, but its building materials include products of new technology.

The canoe represents years of efforts by the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea to develop a fossil-fuel-free, sustainable sea transportation network of “modernized” sailing canoes.

The Okeanos Marianas is one of more than 10 canoes across the Pacific that Okeanos Foundation has developed and is allowing host communities for the canoes to put into use for sailing and interisland transportation.

The Okeanos Marianas will be based in Saipan, and will provide interisland transport between neighbor islands.

The canoe Okeanos Marianas arrives in Guam’s boat basin Tuesday morning from a nearly two-month-long voyage from New Zealand to Saipan and then Rota before visiting Guam.  Photo by Dontana Keraskes/The Guam Daily Post

Another important aspect of the foundation’s efforts is it allows today’s young men and women to continue sailing traditions of the past and not just learn it through books, or oral storytelling.

The canoe’s inaugural voyage from New Zealand to Saipan between Sept. 20 and Oct. 30 had eight crew members and three are Saipan residents: Andrea Carr, Devin Noisom, and John M. Sablan. Also included are voyagers from Fiji, France, and Tahiti. The captain of the New Zealand-Saipan voyage was Master Navigator Peia Petai of the Cook Islands, one of grand master navigator Mau Piailug’s students.

The captain of the Saipan-Rota-Guam voyage is Cecilio Raikiulipiy, a nephew of Piailug.

On the Saipan-to-Guam trip via Rota, the crew includes the Saipan residents from the New Zealand-Saipan voyage, as well as crew from Tahiti and Fiji who will be remaining in Saipan for the next six months to train additional crew.

New to the crew for the Saipan-Rota-Guam voyage are Emma and Pete J. Perez, both Guam’s familian Gollo, who now reside in Saipan.

For the Okeanos Marianas, to continue interisland travel, an entity was created, Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport. It was founded by Emma Perez, managing director; Ray Tebuteb, operations director; and Pete J. Perez, member of the board of directors, in conjunction with the Okeanos Foundation.