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Zoning Board approves Susupe motel, other applications

THE Saipan Zoning Board approved the conditional use permit application of Golden Aurora LLC during a public hearing at the multi-purpose center on Thursday.

The applicant is proposing to occupy three existing structures in Susupe to operate a motel.

Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro said building 1 is a two-story structure with 10 units; building 2, a two-story structure with four units; while building 3 is a three story structure with 12 units.

“This use is classified as ‘motel; and is permitted in the district as a conditional use,” she said.

The Zoning Board headed by chairman Diego Blanco also approved the conditional use application of Guangdong Development Corp. which is proposing to expand the floor area of an eight-unit facility on the second floor of an existing two-story structure.

Ogumoro told the board the expansion is for staff housing and is classified as institutional residential which is permitted in the district as conditional use.

The project is located on Lot No. H-314-A-2 in As Perdido in a mixed-commercial zone.

In addition, the Zoning Board approved Marianas Outsource LLC’s conditional use permit application to operate the Save More Market in Chinatown.

Ogumoro said Marianas Outsource is proposing to occupy an existing one-story building for a mom-and-pop store on Lot No. 015 D 46-49 on President Street in Chinatown.

The area is zoned as village residential, Ogumoro added.

Save More Market owner Mike Liles said they are complying with all the requirements including those for the parking area.

“We’re also getting lots of support from neighboring residents who are eager for the opening of the store,” he added.