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House panel OK’s bill to impose higher mandatory sentences for crimes committed at schools, youth centers

THE House Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations has endorsed the passage of H.B. 20-127 which will impose higher mandatory sentences for crimes committed at schools and youth centers.

Chaired by Rep. Ivan Blanco, the committee also approved H.B. 20-125, which aims to generate funding for the repair and maintenance of CNMI roads and highways by increasing the registration fees of rental vehicles.

H.B 20-127 was introduced by Rep. Vinnie Sablan while H.B. 20-125 was introduced by Rep. Frank Aguon.

Both bills were amended by the committee.

The key provision of H.B. 20-127 reads:

“An individual who is adjudged guilty of committing a crime against a person or property who has committed said crime(s) within the premises of a designated school, youth center or community center shall be subject to a mandatory minimum jail term of not less than one-half of the maximum term of the charge he or she is found guilty of committing or five years whichever is greater. Provided that for purposes of this subsection, one half shall pertain to the single, separate and non-aggregated charge of the longest duration. This term shall be imposed without the possibility of parole during this specific period.”

The committee also discussed House Bill 20-115, introduced by Rep. Angel Demapan, who is proposing to change the funding sources of the Criminal Justice Information System. The committee did not act on the bill, but recommended further discussion in its next meeting.


House Bill 20-34 or the Handgun Prohibition Revival Act is now Public Law 20-27 not P.L. 19-42 as earlier reported.