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Anti-crime advocate encourages parents, teachers to form neighborhood watch group

RETIRED police major and anti-crime advocate Ramon B. Camacho encouraged Koblerville Elementary School parents and teachers to form neighborhood watch groups.

“You should reach out to your neighbors and start organizing,” he said at the Parent-Teacher-Student Association meeting on Tuesday.

Camacho said there is a need to deter criminality on Saipan because “crime is now rampant.”

One of the neighborhood watch program’s goals is to reduce the risk of being a crime victim, he added.

By getting to know their neighbors, residents will be better prepared to respond to any suspicious activity in their area, he added.

Camacho said the program can also address the problems involving abandoned houses, sanitation and overgrown vegetation.

“We will ultimately reduce the fear of crime and make our neighborhoods more livable and peaceful,” he added.

Anti-crime advocate Ramon B. Camacho talks about the neighborhood watch program at the Parent-Teacher-Student Association meeting in the Koblerville Elementary School cafeteria.  Photo by Junhan B. Todiño

He said he is willing to help residents organize neighborhood watch groups.

One of the parents, Jacob Villagomez, said he has started cleaning up an abandoned house near his residence because “criminals might use it as a hideout.”

School principal Jeremiah Benavente said they should do something to strengthen their neighborhoods. “Let us make it our goal to start talking to our neighbors, one at a time,” he added.

Camacho, whose grandchild goes to the school, said he will volunteer to help parents implement their bus-stop project.

“We need to build relationships with each other,” he said. “We should think about the things we can do for our children.”

As for their bus-stop project, he said parents could contribute materials and labor to complete it, Camacho said.

“If we have 100 parents, if each of them brought different construction materials such as nails, boards, tin and paint — they could make more than three bus stops,” he added.

He said parental involvement is vital, adding that children will appreciate “the sacrifices” of their parents.