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NMI Head Start commended for full enrollment

THE local Head Start and its program staff received a commendation from Head Start Region IX officials for meeting the full enrollment requirement.

In a report to the Board of Education on Monday, CNMI Head Start Director Lathania Santos said they were also commended by Region IX program manager Jan Len and program specialist Shirley Karrer for the successful implementation of increased duration slots — a total of 102 of the 396 funded enrollment slots; for increasing duration classes — three on Saipan, two on Tinian and one in Rota; and for meeting the 25-percent requirement for subsidized children.

In October, Santos said there were zero slots available for Head Start as they met the funded enrollment of 396.

Although there were 10 withdrawals — three from Rota and seven from Saipan — Santos said they are still full.

The 10 withdrawals were due to families moving out of the CNMI, she added.

She said they are still actively recruiting, and Head Start staff will be on Rota in December to hold a carnival and recruitment events.

For Early Head Start, the enrollment funded is 64, and the actual enrollment is 48, Santos said.

Members of the Board of Education hold their monthly meeting on Monday.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

She said they did not meet the required attendance for the month which is 85 percent. But Early Head Start and Head Start registered an 84.16 percent attendance, she added.

Children who were absent were reported to have flu and other illnesses, Santos added.

As for Early Head Start children, Santos said there were six injuries reported and one child with head lice. But no incidents of child abuse or neglect were reported, she added.

“These were minor injuries. With [Early Head Start] there’s a lot of biting. They are always biting other kid’s arms.”

Santos said there is active supervision of the children and they are trying various strategies to avoid such incidents, but “we do have biters — they are teething and they like chewing on stuff so they bite other children.”

For Head Start children, Santos said there were three injuries, and nine children with head lice but no incidents of child abuse or neglect were reported.

She said for fiscal year 2018, Head Start has a balance of $312,842 from the non-federal share amount of $425,857; and a balance of $1,899,415 from the federal share amount of $2,347,004.

The remaining funding is already earmarked to support programs and activities of Head Start, Santos said.