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Mayor Apatang thankful for community, staff, gov’t officials

EVERYDAY is Thanksgiving for the Saipan mayor’s office because of the many things to be thankful for, Mayor David M. Apatang said.

He said he and his staff are happy to join the community in celebrating Thanksgiving.

David Mundo ApatangDavid Mundo Apatang

“This is the day to be thankful, but we should be thankful every day,” he said. “The Lord has always blessed us, so we want to give our gratitude to Him.”

The support and cooperation of the community, especially in the implementation of various projects including cleanup drives, further motivate the mayor’s office field workers, Apatang said.

He also expressed appreciation to his staff and field personnel as well as their families for their dedication and commitment to serve the public.

The mayor said the support of businesses, non-profit and community-oriented groups is likewise “very much appreciated.”

Moreover, he thanked the “men and women in uniform for their courage to protect us.”

Apatang said the administration and the Legislature have also been very supportive of the mayor’s office.

“I want to thank our government officials for being good partners in serving the people of Saipan.”

In addition, the mayor thanked the manamko’ for their “active roles” in molding the hearts and minds of the people and in helping preserve and promote local culture and traditions.

Apatang said tourists have been the major contributors to the island’s economy “so we want to express our appreciation to them and hope they enjoy their stay.”

Anti-crime advocate Ramon B. Camacho said Thanksgiving is a perfect time to build relationships with one’s neighbors for the betterment and safety of the community.

“We should all work together and continue to look out for one another.”