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Japan consul: NMI should not rely on gaming industry

JAPANESE Consul to Saipan Kinji Shinoda said the CNMI should not rely solely on gaming, adding that it is not a “productive industry.”

Kinji ShinodaKinji Shinoda
“I always tell the local people that production is most important for development in the the NMI,” he added.

He noted that during the Japanese administration of the islands before World War II, the NMI had a vibrant agriculturally-based economy.

“In the 1980s, a lot of Japanese investors came here,” he added. “The CNMI government collected revenue because of Japanese investments and tourists.”

He said gaming is not enough. “Gaming is just entertainment. Even if you make a lot of revenue from the gaming industry, money will still be gone in the future.”

He said the history of the NMI and Japan “proved” that productive industries create a stable economy.

The CNMI, he added, should consider creating products that it can export.

The Saipan Chamber of commerce and Northern Marianas College, for example, should conduct a study to determine potential products that the CNMI could eventually export, he said.

“The people of the CNMI should determine what the best industry is for them — maybe agriculture, fisheries or IT [information technology].”