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Garapan school: More parents attending PTSA

GARAPAN Elementary School’s Mega Skills and Skills and Expected School-wide Learning Results or ESLR programs not only promote good behavior in its students, but have also encouraged more parents to attend PTSA meetings, GES vice principal Derwin Johnson said.

“At PTSA meetings, we are giving awards to two students in every classroom who have displayed behavior skills,” Johnson said.

“It was hard to get participation from the parents in the past. But we have a large number of parents coming to the meetings now because they want to see their kids getting these awards,” he added.

The Mega Skills and the ESLR programs were initiated by the PTSA to recognize those students who display good behavior.

“We need to recognize our kids for their efforts, besides just learning — the little things that make the difference in becoming role models and in becoming responsible people,” Johnson said in an earlier interview.

At the award ceremony, “the kids are happy and proud of what they have achieved, and the parents are all smiling and proud of their kids’ achievement,” he added.

For November, the GES awarded the following students who displayed confidence:


Ryler Apritado

Arianne Kate Sola

Seraya Kaniki

Maria Trinidad

1st grade

Anton Rogopes

Tyler Ongelungel

Alexa Macaranas

Lance Montano

Hedy Fu

2nd grade

Champ Calvo Kapileo

Maria Susana Quidato

Godfrey Mendiola

Walter Josh Clave

Sierra Santos

3rd grade

James Enriquez

Brianna Chlarson

Allen Camposano

Anne Mie Antonio

Flaurenz Mensah

4th grade

Regina Kilian

Ejay Sam

Kristine Chaparian

Iverson Francis

Lvinna Palma

5th grade

Trivia Naka

John Imperial

Dion Sansi

Alexander Martin

Thomas Vergara

The following students received awards for being good communicators:


Kalialani Cavalear

Bob KC Chlarson

Jayvin Reyes

Juliana Attao

1st grade

Aubrey Salazar

Tiffany Valdez

Riann Billy

Leeon Neth

Onika Koshiro

2nd grade

Kevin Tan

Raychael Yiftheg

Abrahan Falig

Sarah Gonzalez

Ethan Salalila

3rd grade

Nagi Tenorio

Michaela Guiang

Kylie Leomo

Joshua Celis

Aden Reyes

4th grade

Alyrose Santos

Direnalyn Castro

John Casauran

Zenn Jiro Tomokane

Laura Wang

5th grade

Ashley Shoemake

Jasper Hall

Clarisa Francis

Jacob Ordonez

Reanna Macaranas

GES awards Student of the Month recognition for those consistently displaying good work habits in the classroom, and exhibiting social and behavior skills.

The Students of the Month for November are:


Angel Calayag

Dariel Bienne Marquez

Saraya Kaniki

Clark Olivos

1st grade

Candica Maglaya

Hana Baltazar

Joyce Hou

Santo Baidya

Clarisse Bicol

2nd grade

Jerry Denise Maliwanag

Justin Tubera

Axl Rose Antonio

Jonathan Thorson

JD Ryle Moscoso

3rd grade

John Peter Quidato

Adrian Bravo

Sean Mateo

Anne Mie Antonio

Erica Zandueta

4th grade

Drianne Jucutan

Arif Khan

James Camacho

Rizza Ann Velena

Aron Ares

5th grade

Breseis Ann Guiab

Trivia Naka

Jandi Rei Aguilar

Robin Maclang

Riana Rae Yamagishi