CPA to look into solar-power proposal

THE Commonwealth Ports Authority has agreed to consider a solar-power proposal and has authorized its executive director to start negotiating with Coldwell Solar of California.

Prior to the board’s decision on Friday, there was a lengthy discussion among the members as to how the project could move forward.

Board member Roman Tudela Sr. said the company submitted its proposal a year ago, “but things kept going back and forth and nothing had been finalized.”

Another board member, Thomas Villagomez, said in the event they decide to move forward with the project, they should also stick with the 2 megawatts that the Commonwealth Utilities Corp recommended and not the 4 megawatts that the company proposed.

A lot of motions were offered until not everyone was sure what they were supposed to be voting on.

Board member Kimberly King-Hinds then explained that the motion before them was whether to approve the solar-power concept and authorize the executive director to start negotiations with the company.

Board member Barrie Toves moved that the board approve the concept and let the executive director handle the negotiations on behalf of the board.

The board approved the motion and gave the executive director, Chris Tenorio, two weeks to submit a report to the board regarding the status of the negotiation.

In an interview, Tudela said Coldwell proposes to install up to 4 megawatts of solar power, but CUC recommended just up to 2 megawatts.

“The site or land area will be a separate agreement and will be dealt with later on,” Tudela said. “We approved the concept first in order for it to move forward and in order for the negotiations to begin…. Whatever the results of those negotiations are will be presented to the board for discussion and approval before a final agreement is approved.”

He added, “It will not be for more than 2 megawatts. In the future, if there is a need to increase capacity, then we can sit down again to discuss that. Right now, we believe 2 megawatts is enough as we don’t want any disruptions along the road.”