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Brad Ruszala, public affairs specialist

AFTER years of working with different local organizations such as Saipan Tribune, IT&E, KSPN2 News, the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. and Pacific Islands Club, Brad Ruszala is now the public affairs specialist for CNMI Joint Region Marianas Coordination Office or CJCO. He has been at his new job since June 2017.

Ruszala said if there is anything he has learned in his 15 years in the Marianas, it is the importance of trust and respect among our community. He has also learned that a one-size-fits-all approach to federal regulations does not work in the CNMI.

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From left, Antonia Leskosek, Brad Ruszala, Tapita Alokoa and Christy Sakaziro at the Empty Vessel Ministry Foundation office. EVM is grateful to Brad Ruszala for serving as emcee of the recently held CNMI Next Top Chef event.  Photo by Veisinia Peteru

“Our community has different needs and practices than the mainland United States and our federal counterparts need to appreciate that if they hope to forge lasting local relationships,” he said.

Ruszala believes that his job allows him to serve the CNMI community by serving as a conduit between the community and their armed forces through Joint Region Marianas. He said having a military office on Saipan provides the CNMI with direct voice to the Department of Defense and he feels fortunate to play a role in that process.

“Nothing is as personally or professionally rewarding than serving our community. We have a strong military presence in our region and our community needs to have a voice in what happens on our land and in our waters. One of the functions of our office is to articulate that voice to federal officials,” he said.

At the CNMI Joint Region Marianas Coordination Office, Ruszala works with its director, Randel Sablan as the points of contact for all things military in the Marianas. Ruszala’s duties include communicating with the local government and community regarding all military activities in the region. He also briefs visiting military officials, writes speeches and press releases.

His short-term goal for the office is to set up a complete CJCO social media presence in the Marianas while his short-term professional goal is obtain nationwide certification through the Defense Information School.

Ruszala said there is still much to learn about his job, but he considers himself “truly blessed for having my family and the opportunity to serve our community.” He and his beautiful wife, Kathy, have two amazing children, Keoni and Leilani.