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Tinian senator seeks ‘transparency’ from US

SENATOR Frank Cruz wants to know if the U.S. government is trying to “link” the CW issue with the military’s training plans for Tinian and Pagan.

Frank CruzFrank Cruz
Cruz raised this issue during the lawmakers’ meeting with members of the business community and the administration last week to discuss CNMI workforce issues.

Cruz asked Northern Marianas Business Alliance Corporation president Alex Sablan and the governor’s chief of staff, Matthew Deleon Guerrero, if the decision of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to reduce the CW cap by 3,000 has something to do with the proposed military buildup.

In an interview, Cruz said if U.S. officials want something from the commonwealth, they can sit down with CNMI officials and discuss the issue and try to reach a compromise that will benefit both parties.

“This CW issue is not really a complicated issue. It is not hard to understand that the CNMI still needs the CW program for local economic growth. So why are they [the U.S.] making things complicated for us?”

Cruz wants to know if U.S. officials are being transparent. “Is there something the Department of Defense is asking for that we are not giving them? I would like to know what they really want so we can sit down and discuss this matter and resolve it immediately,” the senator said.

“I am worried and concerned because Tinian is affected by this CW issue. We need CW’s too and that’s why I also asked if it’s possible to segregate CW numbers for Tinian and Rota so the business operations on those two islands can continue,” he said.

“I hope we can resolve this CW issue immediately. We cannot rely solely on grants and federal assistance, we need to grow our economy which needs workers. If we don’t have an economy then that means a smaller budget for the CNMI government. I am worried because this issue involves the livelihood of everyone here in the commonwealth,” the senator added.