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NMC, NMTI, LTA receive CW funds

(Press Release) — Since the administration of CW fees was transferred to the CNMI Scholarship Office in the current fiscal year 2018, CSO continues its diligent effort to ensure that the funds are justly distributed and in line with the mandates of U.S. Public Law 110-229.

CW fees are expected to provide financial assistance to qualified educational and vocational institutions providing quality training and educational opportunities to CNMI students so they can enter the workforce.

CNMI Scholarship Office Administrator Rose Pangelinan, right, and Latte Training Academy executive director Arielle Buyum shake hands.  Contributed photoCNMI Scholarship Office Administrator Rose Pangelinan, right, and Latte Training Academy executive director Arielle Buyum shake hands. Contributed photo

In the CNMI government FY 2018 budget, $1,949,700 in CW fees were appropriated by Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres to be administered by CSO and distributed to eligible educational and vocational entities.

To ensure transparency, CSO Administrator Rose Pangelinan and the board of directors established the Commonwealth Workers Fund Grant under the Marianas Rural Workforce Opportunities by Rehabilitation through Knowledge and Skills which provides the necessary guidelines to eligible entities that want to submit their proposed work plan and budgets for review.

Northern Marianas College, the Northern Marianas Trades Institute and Latte Training Academy were selected to receive CW funding in FY 2018.

Based on a memorandum of agreement between NMC, NMTI and the former CW funds administrator, the CNMI Department of Labor, NMC and NMTI have been guaranteed $547,766 each while LTA will get $578,680. This makes up 86 percent of the total appropriation with the remaining 14 percent to be awarded for certain tasks not included in the initial award. In return, each entity is expected to provide semi-annual and annual reports on the deliverables and job obtainability for each program and other approved expenses funded by CW fees.

“It’s been a great experience working with the three entities,” CSO Administrator Rose Pangelinan said. “Since taking over the administration of the CW funds, our main focus has always been on the deliverables or outcomes that are in line with the Commonwealth Workers Program job categories. Data on past deliverables (by two previous awardees) and proposed deliverables by all three entities were crucial in the award process. The CNMI needs an increase in the number of new residents trained, certified and employable in the areas of priority. This is our focus and it is stipulated in the terms and conditions of the awards.   Our biggest challenge during this whole process was not having enough funds to adequately award all three entities with their requests. However, we will continue to make every effort to identify funds that could be used toward their additional needs.”

Each entity has agreed to the quarterly disbursement of funds based on their established budget plans set forth in each institution’s award letter.

To date, CSO has already disbursed a combined amount of $804,046. Thus far, $353,833 has been disbursed to NMTI; $273,883 to NMC; and $176,280 to LTA.

Funding for each entity is utilized to cover the costs of instructor salaries, registration fees, internships, books, materials, equipment and other items. Each entity will also have the opportunity to submit additional funding requests, subject to the approval of the CSO administrator and board of directors based on the availability of funds.

For the first time in CW funding history, LTA will receive funding to help support its programs which aim to provide the CNMI with credentialed, skill-based training that is in demand in the Marianas.

“Latte Training Academy is thrilled to finally be included in the CW fee education funding,” shares LTA executive director Arielle Buyum said. “We appreciate that the CNMI Scholarship Office has recognized our past successes and has entrusted us to effectively utilize funding to train the local workforce.”

She added, “Through this funding throughout the year, Latte Training Academy will offer courses in hotel and hospitality, allied health, information technology and business administration. We encourage all U.S. eligible workers to learn more about our courses and register at”

The CW funding will allow LTA to fund classes so that students can become phlebotomy technicians, nursing assistants, information technology certified, hospitality specialty certified and much more.

Governor Torres said positive strides have been made to increase the CNMI’s local workforce through CSO’s initiatives and its collaboration with LTA, NMTI, NMC and the Public School System.

“I commend CSO for its active work in ensuring that our educational entities receive the funding they need to support those seeking to learn new skills and making themselves employable. Developing our local workforce truly is a community effort, and I encourage everyone from our NAP Work Registration Program to anyone still looking for a job that fits his or her interest to attend a class and learn a new skill. The resources are here for you. It will go a long way to bettering the lives of your families, your community, and yourself.”

For more information regarding the CNMI Scholarship Office’s role as administrator of CW fees, contact Monique Sablan at 664-4752 or email