GOP endorses incumbents for 2018 elections

THE NMI Republican Party Central Committee has endorsed the incumbent officials on Saipan and Tinian for this year’s general elections.

Party president James Ada said they met on Jan. 6 to finalize the GOP slate.

The candidates on Tinian were endorsed by the island’s GOP president, Frank Borja, and were also endorsed by the party’s central committee.

As for Rota, Ada said there have been no endorsements yet. The Rota GOP is headed by Laura Manglona and has yet to meet.

On Saipan, Ada said they are endorsing the re-election of Mayor David M. Apatang and Sen. Justo Quitugua. The GOP’s other senatorial candidate on Saipan is Rep. Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero who was first elected to the House in 2001.

For Precinct 1, which has six House seats, the GOP has endorsed Rep. Leepan Guerrero, Rep. Greg Sablan Jr. and Vice Speaker Janet Maratita.

For Precinct 2’s two House seats, the GOP candidates are Speaker Ralph Demapan and Rep. John Paul Sablan.

In Precinct 3, which has six House seats, the GOP candidates are Reps. Ivan Blanco, Frank Dela Cruz, Joe Itibus and Donald Barcinas; in Precinct 4, which has two seats, Rep. Alice Igitol; while in Precinct 5, which also has two seats, Reps. Larry Deleon Guerrero and Frank Aguon .

On Tinian, the GOP has endorsed Rep. Edwin Aldan as its mayoral candidate and the re-election of Sens. Jude Hofschneider and Sen. Frank Cruz. Tinian Municipal Council Chair Antonio S.N. Borja is the GOP House candidate.

Ada said they will soon announce the candidates who will fill the slots that will be vacated by Precinct 1 Rep. Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero and Rep. Angel Demapan who is running for U.S. congressman.

The GOP’s gubernatorial candidate is the incumbent, Ralph D.L.G. Torres, whose running mate is Senate President Arnold I. Palacios.

Of the 10 CNMI gubernatorial elections held since 1977, the Republicans have won six. The Covenant Party — a now defunct GOP faction — and the Democrats won two each.

Ada said they will also soon announce the names of the other candidates that the GOP will endorse.

The party’s central committee members are Ada, former Rep. Felicidad Ogumoro, first vice president; attorney Vince Torres, second vice president; Glenna Reyes, secretary; Rufin Inos, treasurer; and former Sen. Pete Reyes and Matilde Rosario, advisers.