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Love through the ages

LUZ and Tass Buccat have been married since 1970.

They met in a boarding house in Manila, the Philippines. Luz was a teacher and Tass an engineer. They started exchanging love letters after Tass began working on Guam. He wrote her love letters laced with perfume.

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Tass and Luz BuccatTass and Luz Buccat

Luz said they were tested by fate and distance. “But I believed that if we were truly destined to be together Tass would come back for me.”

He did come back and introduced her to his family. They then got married with the blessings of their parents. They have been married for close to 50 years now and have two loving children.

Today, Wednesday, they will spend Valentine’s Day at Saipan World Resort and enjoy a romantic dinner paid for by their children.

“We always go there every year on Valentine’s Day and it is always paid for by our children,” Luz said. “They insist even if we try to refuse.”

Their advice for younger couples: Make sure you respect and listen to each other and think responsibly before making decisions.

Waiting for the bus

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Rita Reyes and Candido AguonRita Reyes and Candido Aguon

Rita Reyes and Candido Aguon have been together for about two years now.

They met each other while waiting for a bus to pick them up and bring them to the manamko’ center.

“I always noticed him looking at me,” Rita said, “but I never thought anything of it, because on the bus, he was always seated next to another woman.”

They eventually started talking to each other. “Then I heard from a friend that he loved me,” Rita said. “At first, I was not ready for any commitment and I told him, because he is much younger than I am, to look for someone younger, but he refused.”

A divorcee, Rita experienced being a single mother to eight children. “I was worried. I did not have a job to support my children. But my daughter and mother gave me motivation and told me to get up, put my hands together, pray and do something!”

Rita finished her education and found a good job to support her eight children who are now all grown up and are residing on Guam.

She said Candido is still recovering from a stroke, but they will be spending Valentine’s Day together.

Although she and Candido met “late,” she said she is truly thankful for him. “I love him with all my heart.”