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Teen views: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

“I DON’T really celebrate Valentine’s Day but I help my parents celebrate it.

I help my dad ‘surprise’ my mom. He always makes her white paper roses and gets her chocolates and my siblings help make them a card. So I’d say Valentine’s is a day to show my family love. We basically celebrate it as a family. We stay at home at the end of the day and watch a movie on Netflix and enjoy chocolate ice cream and cake.”

Ryan GabuleRyan Gabule
Chelsea CayabyabChelsea Cayabyab

— Loidalyn Locsin, 18, MHS Senior

“Valentine’s Day does not always mean that one should find someone and hope to be spoiled for that one day. Valentine’s, for me, means being with those who mean the most to me and with those who do not expect anything much. On Valentine’s Day I give flowers to my mom and auntie. They should be the first to be loved because they gave me everything I needed since I was a child. Then I buy individual roses and give them out to those who don’t have someone or who just feel lonely. The reactions I receive are priceless, and I never forget those moments when I see their faces that were once sad turning into joy. It’s complete bliss. We don’t always have to show love to just one or two people, but rather to as many people as we can. Everyone should feel that they are loved and that someone is there to help or just simply to talk to. Every day is Valentine’s Day for me because I show my love everyday no matter who you are.”

— Ryan Gabule, 16, MHS Junior

“I have not celebrated Valentine’s Day in years. I am too busy with work and school at the moment. However, I do like surprising others when I get the chance. I work in the kitchen so I love giving away the sweets that I make. This Valentine’s Day I made some chocolate hearts to give. I simply melted some semi-sweet chocolate bark, put them in a heart-shaped mold, chilled them and popped them into some cute wrappers. I hope my efforts will be appreciated. Valentine’s means spreading love in any way you can. It can mean different things to different people and can be celebrated in many ways.”

— Chelsea Cullen Cayabyab, 19
Kanoa Resort, sushi assistant/NMC student