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Labor enhances employment services

(Office of the Governor) — CNMI Department of Labor-Division of Employment Services personnel recently underwent training to improve services to job applicants.

According to Secretary of Labor Vicky Benavente, the training focused on various methods of screening job applicants and using an intuitive approach throughout the interview process by the Division of Employment Services.

“The job market is constantly evolving, and adapting to these new methods helps the division prepare and address labor needs. We discussed the importance of observing body language, attitudes and presentation of self during the screening and interviewing process as well as making compatible job referrals,” Benavente said.

Vicky BenaventeVicky Benavente

Benavente further noted that learning the perspective of employers during intake of referrals made by the DES is a vital consideration for not only the labor pool, but as an outlook on the economy.

Director of Employment Services Eugene Tebuteb added that the division has also started a process of tracking job applicants after they have been hired.

“We understand that further assisting employees at the start of their new job and encouraging them in developing their skills and career path is necessary. Part of the training includes communicating with employers regarding potential setbacks. This is the reality and we are honing on this holistic but data-driven approach which fosters collaboration and contributes to economic growth, while increasing access to quality training and long-term employment outcomes,” Tebuteb said.

Building on the need for workforce development, Secretary Benavente expressed that this training helps to identify barriers for key industries in the commonwealth and the needed modifications for employment services.

“Essentially, effective employment services relies on a strong understanding of human resources. By seeking collaboration with employers to identify in a holistic sense, the nature of jobs and the intricacies of the job itself, we are committing to the long-term product of employment services. Focusing on this practical application, as well as Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines produces a better workforce that is enhanced by better employment practices throughout our commonwealth,” Benavente said.

In regards to the current workforce needs, Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres stressed that enhancing employment services is one of many ways to address employment accessibility gaps and mitigate turnover rates.

“Last month when the CNMI Workforce Development Board convened, I knew that this strong collaboration among our key industries would provide reliable information and resources to strengthen innovation in our workforce and opportunities for growth. This is all part of adapting to and improving our labor pool. At the end of the day, these workforce development activities, policies and practices renew our commitment to building a resilient workforce from the ground up. I commend DOL for building their capacity and tackling workforce concerns in a way that is not only practical, but sustainable,” Governor Torres said.