Governor: Bloomberg article ‘politically motivated’

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres on Friday said the Bloomberg article ( that accused his administration of corruption is politically motivated. (See his official statement in the Editorials section of today's edition.)

“What is there that is corrupt?” he asked reporters on Friday. “It’s an open book. I have nothing to hide; they can find everything. It’s all politically motivated…. It’s an election year…so I expect more allegations and accusations.”

He added, “The island is small so you will hear and see everything and know if it’s true or not. They [Imperial Pacific International] came here and [leased] one of my sisters-in-law’s properties….just like…those folks that sell…or lease their property, so it’s their property not mine and has nothing to do with myself and my family.”

Torres said the Bloomberg article stated that “100 percent of IPI’s requests are granted by the government. Not true. I line-item vetoed that $3 million tax waiver for IPI. If IPI is always favored then why is IPI not exempt from the tax waiver? [Again,] it’s an election…year and I am running for governor. That’s why the target here is me and my family.”

He reiterated: “It’s all politically motivated. It’s the ‘right timing’; it’s all focused on me and my family. Why are they not looking at the other lawyers that sell or lease their property? Of course, it’s…freedom of speech and freedom of the press.”

He said his critics and political opponents should show evidence indicating that he’s on IPI’s payroll.

“Again, they can say and do whatever they want. I am open to any investigation. I have nothing to hide. I have been and remain an open book.”