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Sen. Quitugua says NMC should upgrade facilities

SENATOR Justo S. Quitugua said Northern Marianas College should upgrade its facilities to match the students’ current needs in terms of new technology and state-of-the-art facilities.

Justo S. QuituguaJusto S. Quitugua
The Senate Committee on Education and Youth Affairs chaired by Quitugua met recently with NMC President Carmen Fernandez.

During the meeting, Quitugua said NMC should “look at the future of the college in terms of redesigning NMC facilities and making it more up to par…so that our students will no longer have to leave the CNMI to attain their secondary education.”

He said if NMC “upgrades its facilities, I think more students will remain here and will not need to go off island. Currently, they continue to go elsewhere and will be stuck there because we are still at this level of technology and facilities, while in the other states the schools are already using updated technology.”

He did not mention if he and other lawmakers will provide the funding required to upgrade NMC’s facilities.

But Quitugua said he is pleased that there is progress with the NMC gym project.

“I am happy to see that they are moving forward with the [Federal Emergency Management Agency] project which is very important. They are consolidating the FEMA grants into the gym project and proceeding with the architectural and engineering design,” he said.

NMC President Carmen Fernandez said the $6 million gym will be a state-of the-art project.