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Handwriting expert: Bernadita Manglona didn’t sign deed of gift

REED Hayes, a handwriting and document examiner from Hawaii who was once tapped to examine the authenticity of then-President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, testified in Superior Court on Wednesday in the lawsuit filed by Rota Sen. Paul Manglona, against his siblings Priscilla M, Torres, Thomas A. Manglona, and the estate of their late mother, Bernadita A. Manglona, over a land dispute.

Testifying for the defense, Hayes said the signature on the deed of gift at issue was not that of Bernadita Manglona.

The senator, in his private capacity, has asked the court to declare him the fee simple owner of a property on Capital Hill by virtue of a deed of gift on July 11, 1985.

Reed HayesReed Hayes

Torres and Thomas Manglona are co-administrators of the estate of their late mother. Charles Manglona and Associate Justice John A. Manglona are among the senator’s other siblings named in the lawsuit.

All defendants were present in the courtroom for the second day of the trial that started on Monday with Judge Pro Tem David A. Wiseman presiding.

The defendants, through their counsel Samuel Mok, contend that their mother’s signature was forged, and have asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

Asked in court if the signature on the deed of gift was a valid signature of Bernadita A. Manglona, Hayes said: “I am absolutely certain that Bernadita Manglona did not sign the document.”

He said he based his opinion on his analysis of the totality of the exemplars and the totality of handwriting features in the exhibits.

Hayes said he examined 18 known signature examples of Bernadita Manglona.

Asked if he would have arrived at different conclusion if he had applied other standards of examination, Hayes said, “I probably would have not come to a different conclusion.”

He said it is important to establish the writer’s natural patterns and variations. “Yes, there are variables, yes there are letters that might look different but again the overall picture of things — it’s still the same writing.”

In his summary of findings, he stated that the questioned signature against the other samples has an incorrect slant, improperly formed capital “B”, “A”, “o,” “n,” soldered (patched) “n-g” connection versus complete break, hesitation versus complete break between “i” & “o” (terminal loop versus loop), and improperly formed “n-a.”

Attorneys Mark Scoggins and Rene Holmes represented Sen. Paul Manglona in the lawsuit.

Holmes asked Hayes about other cases for which he was called to testify in court.

Hayes said he has worked on cases involving forged checks, and cases in which the elderly were taken advantage of.

Holmes also asked Hayes about his involvement with the birth certificate of former President Barack Obama.

Hayes, a Democrat who voted for Obama twice, told the court that he initially refused to look at the birth certificate issue thinking that that he might not be objective because of his political leanings.

“I finally decided that if I was really an objective examiner I should be able to examine the document and not apply my personal or political leanings.”

He said he was asked to review the pdf version of the birth certificate that was released by the White House on April 11, 2011.

“I was asked to examine it for any anomaly or indication that it might have been altered or fabricated or that kind of thing,” he added.

The trial will continue today, Thursday, in Courtroom 205A starting at 8:30 a.m.

On Monday Scoggins called Charles Manglona and Prudencio Manglona to the stand, siblings of Sen. Paul Manglona who were also named defendants in the lawsuit.

Prudencio Manglona said he sold his 1/8 share of the estate to the company of Senator Manglona.

Charles Manglona testified that he recognized the signature on the deed of gift as his mother’s but did not actually see his mother sign it.