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Guerrero pushes for China Eastern Airlines air services to Saipan

REPRESENTATIVE Joseph Leepan Guerrero wants China Eastern Airlines to provide air transportation services between Saipan and Shanghai on a regular basis.

The lawmaker has introduced a House Resolution 20-19 HD1 to respectfully encourage the Commonwealth Ports Authority to approve the request for services of China Eastern Airlines to provide air transportation services between the Francisco C. Ada Saipan International Airport and the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on a regular scheduled basis and to respectfully request the Administration to render their support of such request.

The House has already adopted the resolution.

Joseph Leepan GuerreroJoseph Leepan Guerrero

Guerrero’s resolution will encourage CPA to assist China Eastern Airlines in complying with the rules and regulations with regards to their intent to provide air service to Saipan on a regular basis.

Right now, China Eastern Airlines is flying to Saipan from Beijing on a chartered flight basis.

Guerrero in an interview said that China Eastern Airlines has submitted a request to offer regular flights from Shanghai to Saipan and the request is now under review by the CPA.

Guerrero said the airline has invited CPA officials to come to their office in Shanghai to see their operation and their capability to offer a regular flight service to Saipan.

Guerrero’s resolution stated that tourism is heavily dependent on respective airlines that transport tourists who wish to visit and experience the various activities in the Commonwealth.

It added that the islands are currently faced with serious problematic situations related to Delta Air Lines pulling out of their Japan route flight to Saipan.

The resolution stated that Delta’s pull out will negatively impact the island’s economy and it is appropriate that CPA approve the China Eastern Airline’s request.

China Eastern Air Holding is one of China’s three biggest air transportation groups that are based in Shanghai, China.

The resolution stated that the airline company is operating over 600 aircrafts with an average aircraft age of less than five and a half years.

The airline company is also a member of the Sky Team Global Alliance, an airline alliance that consists of 20 member airlines that give access to 1,062 destinations worldwide.

The resolution added that China Eastern Airline is also capable of providing employment to former airline employees due to their experience in the airline industry and their familiarity with the Saipan International Airport.

China Eastern Airlines main office is in Pasadena, California.

Governor Ralph Torres in an earlier interview said that Delta remains committed to the Commonwealth and their latest pull out of Japan-Saipan route is not because they are losing money, but because of their whole portfolio for Delta.

Torres said he met with CPA and MVA officials to discuss incentivizing the airlines so they will remain in business with the Commonwealth.