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Meth suspect appears in US court

DAVID Muna Sablan, 39, who was charged with conspiring with others in manufacturing methamphetamine, appeared in federal court on Friday.

District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona granted the U.S. Marshals Service’s request to place Sablan on physical restraints when appearing in court, citing his “prior criminal history, violence or attempts to flee at time of arrest.”

David Muna SablanDavid Muna Sablan

Sablan was represented by attorney David Banes while Assistant U.S. Attorney Garth Backe appeared for the federal government.

In an affidavit submitted to the court, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency special agent Kirk F. Johns said Sablan was in agreement with two or more persons to manufacture meth, and that the defendant knowingly manufactured meth and knew it was meth or some other federally controlled substance.

According to Johns, on March 15, 2018, at approximately 3:45 a.m., a concerned citizen was awoken by a fire alarm within the JJ Building on Plumeria Ave. in Garapan.

The citizen checked a live-time surveillance video and observed a man (later identified as Sablan) walking on the second story balcony of the building.

Sablan walked along the balcony and then down the stairs to the ground floor. The concerned citizen went near the stairs area and noticed a brown backpack sitting near the curb of Plumeria Ave, not too far from the Best Poker entrance.

The concerned citizen went inside the poker establishment to ask the security guard to go outside. Inside, the concerned citizen also saw Sablan.

Sablan followed the security guard and the concerned citizen outside and asked what was going on with the backpack. Sablan told the two that he was staying at Micro Beach Hotel.

The concerned citizen called 911 to report a suspicious person and a suspicious activity.

Police responded to the call and located Sablan, but when they tried to make contact he ran to the jungle area of American Memorial Park.

After a short foot chase, officers took Sablan into custody, and located the backpack.

When an officer opened the backpack he was hit with a puff of white smoke. He and three other officers standing nearby began coughing and gagging while feeling light-headed. They were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Johns said the officers found two backpacks. The first was brown, sitting on the sidewalk. The second was a black Nike cinch sack located about 65 feet north of the brown backpack and was also on the sidewalk.

Johns said the first backpack contained a water bottle with orange powder substance; a green 2-liter bottle with a hose coming out of its cap and was off-gassing a white smoke; a brown bottle with an amber liquid inside it; a white bottle labeled 100 percent lye; a pair of wire-cutting pliers; two containers of lighter fluid; a rubber hose; and an orange pill bottle with a white residue inside.

The second backpack contained a salt container, two pairs of pliers, an Energizer lithium battery, an air respirator, coffee filters, a blue funnel and a white towel.

According to Johns, Sablan initially told the special agent that “the stuff” in the brown backpack was not his and that he was not sure what was in it. Sablan said a person named M.C. asked him to pick it up.

When police asked why he set the brown backpack on the ground, Sablan said: “Come on man, I did not want to take that bag into the establishment.”

Sablan later admitted to the police that he owned the Nike cinch sack and that he bought the items for M.C to cook meth. He said M.C. would give him some of the meth in exchange for purchasing the items in the backpack.

Johns said Sablan purchased 1,968 mg of active pseudoephedrine on Jan. 13, 2018. When asked about it, Sablan said he had a hereditary problem with nose congestion.