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Mesngon says Rota residents can’t improve homesteads due to lack of quarry materials

ROTA residents cannot improve their homestead lots because of lack of quarry materials, Senate Vice President Steve Mesngon said.

GPPC Rota Quarry was shut down due to safety violations, he added.

Steven King Mesngon

Mesngon wrote to Department of Public Lands Secretary Marianne C. Teregeyo, asking for consideration on behalf of the Rota residents who have been provided homestead permits.

He said at this time it may be difficult for the residents to improve their homestead lots.

“In addition to the absence of quality materials, the cost to ship cement, hollow blocks and other construction materials to Rota would be extravagant and unaffordable to the homesteaders,” he added

He cited Public Law 20-5 that waives the requirement for a residential dwelling to build on a homestead lot.

Mesngon said Rota homesteaders fear that “any forthcoming inspection may be unfavorable to them for something that is out of their control. They should not be penalized for their inability to further improve their lots other than to continue to maintain the lots, plant fruit trees, tend a small subsistence garden and perhaps build a temporary structure. I am sure that you can understand the predicament the Rota homesteaders are facing.”