Over 100 participate in ‘Run for Mom’

138 individuals — men and women, young and old — participated in the second annual “Run for Mom” 5K fun run on Saturday morning.

The event was hosted by Stellar Marianas in partnership with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

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The participants competed in different categories: 5K for those 18-54, male/female; those 55 and older; teens, 13 to 17 years; 1/2-mile for those six to 12 years old; and those in look-alike outfits.

The male and female winners in the 18-54 category were Kosuke Sato who completed the five-kilometer race in 17 minutes and 49 seconds; and Eda Sakisat who clocked in at 20 minutes and 21 seconds.

In the 17 and under group, Tania Tan was first at 18 minutes and 45 seconds, while Xinshi Liang was second at 19 minutes and 18 seconds.

For those 12 and under, Yulia Suda completed the race at 31 minutes while William Epley finished at 34 minutes.

In the 55-plus category, Chang Whan Jang finished at 20 minutes and 15 seconds while Winnie Lee clocked in at 44 minutes and 17 seconds.

The Look-Alike Outfit Award went to Evelyn Pineda and her two children. They all wore a blue “statement shirt.”

Known as the barefoot runner, Chang, a physical education teacher at Hopwood Middle School, said he has been participating in running events since 1980.

He said. “I think being barefoot is good for the body. I don’t injure myself.”

Saipan International School student Tania Tan said it was her first time to take part in this 5K event.

She is training for the upcoming Micronesian track and field event which will be held on Saipan in June.

This year’s top runner, Kosuke Sato is a regular participant in marathon events. “My wife and I run together every day and we enjoy doing it.”

At the Minachom Atdao Pavilion, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau provided health screenings for participants, community outreach worker Jamie Ada said.

 “We want to empower women and encourage them to take action related to their health by taking part in physical activities like walking. It was a great idea to partner with Stellar Marianas and we intend to do this partnership annually,” Ada said.