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Businessman sues apartment owner for negligence

A BUSINESSMAN sued an apartment owner after he fell down a set of stairs and suffered injuries.

Steven Brownstein is demanding damages for medical care and expenses in an amount to be proven in trial. He is also seeking a jury trial.

Brownstein, representing himself, sued Magic International Corporation which runs a three-story building at the Paseo De Marianas in Garapan for negligence.

According to his complaint,  he visited a friend who was a tenant at Magic International living on the third floor of the building on May 17, 2016.

Brownstein said when he left his friend’s apartment and was walking down the stairs, he fell and suffered injuries.

Brownstein said the area was poorly lit and the stairs had no hand rails. Magic International failed in its duty to ensure that the premises were safe, he added.

He said the area was unsafe, was not properly designed, had inadequate notice of warning and other construction defects.

Brownstein said Magic International knew or should have known that the dark and poorly-lit area would be dangerous.

He further alleged that Magic International negligently, recklessly and carelessly failed to give any warning about its dangerous condition.

Variety was unable to get a comment from Magic International.

According to the lawsuit, Brownstein lost and was deprived of future income, and economic advantages which he might otherwise have acquired in the future.

The lawsuit did not state the extent of Brownstein’s injuries.