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Igisomar to House panel: Amend marijuana bill, but don’t shelve it

SENATOR Sixto K. Igisomar has one request to the House Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations which is again reviewing his marijuana-legalization bill.

Senate Bill 20-62 was sent back to the committee due to a legal issue. The bill has an income-generating provision which may be a problem because such measures must originate in the House of Representatives and not in the Senate.

Sixto K. Igisomar

The committee chairman, Rep. Ivan Blanco, said they will delete the income-generating provision and put the bill back on the House floor for deliberation and action.

In an interview on Friday, Igisomar said he understands the concerns of the House members.

“The same thing happened to the NMI workforce bill [in the U.S. Congress]. The House felt that we are encroaching on their authority, and that we don’t have the right to introduce a funding bill. We’ve worked on the bill for a long time, we did our part, we held public hearings and through the advice of our legal counsel, we’ve done what we can and what we need to do. If they believe we encroached on their authority, then they have to act accordingly,” the senator said.

“They can do whatever is necessary: amend it, review it or come out with a decision on whether to pass it or not, but please don’t shelve it.

“All I’m asking is give the bill a chance. We’ve done so many years of research and public hearings. We collected input from the public, and I will feel bad if the bill is going to be shelved just because of a constitutional issue. Review the bill and do what is necessary, but please don’t ignore the efforts of the people who helped draft this bill. Let’s move it forward for medicinal  and economic reasons. All I’m asking is, don’t shelve the bill.”