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PSS-Food and Nutrition Service to continue serving salad in middle and high schools

THE Public School System-Food and Nutrition Service has set up salad bars at middle and high schools on Saipan.

PSS nutritionist and registered dietitian Kaisa Anderson said that, since February, they have been serving salad at Kagman High School, Saipan Southern High School, Francisco M. Sablan Middle School, Chacha Oceanview Middle School, Dandan Middle School and Tanapag Middle School.

She said they will also have a salad bar at Marianas High School in the next school-year once its new cafeteria is opened.

“It’s very popular,” Anderson said, referring to the salad.

Next school-year, there will be  a variety of vegetables so students can create their own salad, she added.

“We planned on having three choices for the salad bar. It turns out that it is a lot of work for the vendors…so we kept it to two options two times a week,” Anderson said.

The Food and Nutrition Service is currently undertaking a nutrition-education program which promotes fruits and vegetables. “It has been very successful,” she added.

She said the program is for Head Start to kindergarten, but next year, it will include elementary students up to second grade.

“Every week the children are exposed to fruits and vegetable. Our teachers have given us great feedback, and we are doing what we can to educate the children and their parents about why local fruits and vegetables are good for them,” Anderson said.

She said they are providing nutrition education to young children “so they can develop better eating habits — when they get older they have been exposed and they are used to having fruits and vegetables in their diet.”

She added, “It is new for the kids to have fruits and vegetables in their breakfast and lunch. We need to be patient with them as they learn and develop a taste for fruits and vegetables.”