CUC to replace obsolete streetlights

THE Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has recently solicited a project proposal for 4,941 contemporary LED streetlight fixtures, CUC acting Executive Director William Gilmore said.

The goal is to improve the lighting on all major and minor highways on Saipan, Tinian and Rota, he said.

William Gilmore

The project proposal calls for the replacement of all obsolete LEDs and existing high pressure sodium streetlights on the CUC power grid with technologically advance LED streetlight fixtures, he said.

Gilmore said they are estimating a timeline of three years of work for the project and a cost of $2.6 million.

For phase 1, they will replace 1,822  250-, 140- and 100-watt obsolete LED streetlights on Feeder 1, Feeder 2 and Kiya 3 on Saipan, as well as on Rota and Tinian within 12 months.

Phase 2 will involve the replacement of 979 140- and 100-watt high pressure sodium lights on  Feeder 4 on Saipan. The project duration is estimated to take six months.

For phase 3, 1,051 obsolete 140- and 100-watt LED streetlights on Feeder 7 and Kiya 1 on Saipan will be replaced within nine months.

Phase 4 will include the replacement of 1,089  100-watt obsolete LED streetlights on Kiya 2 and Kiya 4 on Saipan within nine months.

In other news

Gilmore told the CUC board that they had three scheduled outages in May which accounted for 20 hours of lost revenue.

All scheduled outages were the result of the power division’s ongoing pole replacement activity performed on primary lines, he said.

Gilmore said the monthly average for scheduled outages in 2017 was five events with a total duration of 19 hours.

To minimize the revenue loss from scheduled power outages, he said engineers are utilizing isolation devices such air-break switches, jumper cable and transformer cut-outs, he said.

On May 17, Gilmore said there was an island-wide outage which resulted in 23 hours of lost revenue for all combined feeder outages.

The monthly average for unscheduled outages in 2017 was six events with a total duration of eight hours, he added.