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Manamko’ to take part in first disability sports fest

SENIOR citizens will participate in the CNMI Disability Sports Festival to be held on Aug. 9-12.

Public School System sports director and organizing committee chairman Nick Gross said they also recruited senior citizens to play in the  sporting events that will be held at the Marianas High School gym.

“Our senior population will be joining us. We are really looking forward to this,” Gross said.

“They may not identify themselves as having a disability, but as we age we begin to exhibit signs of physical disability. Some can’t move well and have lost muscular strength and mobility.”

Gross said they want to “highlight adaptive sports for inclusion purposes. We want to get more of our community involved in physical activities and break down barriers associated with disability and realize how many different things we can do for the community and families without leaving people out.”

Without the manamko’, Gross said, the number of participating athletes would be small. “So our organizing team decided to go ahead and open it up to the  manamko’.”

As of Thursday, there were 78 confirmed participants in the first-ever disability sports fest.

Gross said of this number,  26 are from Rota, 19 from Tinian and 33 from Saipan.