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New law funds hiring of additional staff for Tinian mayor

ACTING Gov. Arnold I. Palacios on Friday signed into law a measure appropriating $368,555 to fund personnel and operations in the Tinian Mayor’s Office, including the hiring of additional community workers.

Edwin Aldan

House Local Bill 20-70, which is now Tinian Local Law 20-14, was introduced by Rep. Edwin Aldan.

Its funding source is the $1.7 million reimbursement that Tinian received for the retroactive salary adjustments under Public Law 7-31.

According to the new law, $368,555 will be used to fund the Tinian mayor’s operations and  personnel including the hiring of not fewer than 15 full-time equivalent positions or contracts as administrative assistants or community workers under the mayor’s office beginning on the date of enactment of the Act up to Jan. 1, 2019.

The mayor is to be the funding expenditure authority.