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Official: CHCC has adequate supply of medicine

COMMONWEALTH Healthcare Corporation Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna assured the public that the hospital has an adequate supply of medicine.

In a phone interview, Muna said some community members have commented on the issue, and that she also received an email from a lawmaker inquiring about the hospital’s “lack of medication.”

 “We are trying to do right…. We are trying to provide people with access to primary care. How can we do that if they are spreading rumors?” Muan added.

In a statement, CHCC public information officer Sami Birmingham-Babauta said: “We recognize that the inconsistent operating history of the hospital may make these rumors seem reasonable, but put simply, there is no shortage of medication at CHCC.”

She said it is unclear how the rumors began.

“CHCC medical staff believe it may have stemmed from a misunderstanding of the ‘Personal Medication’ policy. This is a policy which controls patient use of medications brought from home after the patient is admitted in the hospital. Generally, patients are not allowed to take medications brought from home while admitted, but exceptions may be made in some cases when a patient prefers a specific brand of medication or when their medication is not carried by the pharmacy and an alternative is unavailable.

“Additionally, patients bring medication from home to show their providers during health assessments.  If a patient is admitted with their home supply of medication on hand and does not formally ask to use their personal medication, it is secured by the nursing staff and returned to the patient on discharge.

“All patients admitted to CHCC are informed of their rights, and those utilizing outpatient services can obtain a copy at registration. Patients have the right to make a verbal complaint to a staff member present at the time of the issue or file a written grievance with the hospital. Grievance forms can be obtained from the cashier on the main floor, next to the Emergency Room registration, and placed in the box on the adjoining wall labeled, ‘Patient Grievances.’ ”

Birmingham-Babauta  said CHCC encourages the community to utilize the “Contact Us” form on the website,

Questions, comments, and/or concerns submitted through the website are reviewed and sent to the appropriate party at CHCC and will then be addressed, she added.