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A curious adventure

(Marianas Variety) — The world “got a little bigger” by taking on a summer internship at Marianas Variety News & Views for college sophomore Naomi Vazquez.

Boarding the plane from Utah to Saipan in June, she did not know what to expect, only a driving curiosity to know a place much different from her own.

Marianas Variety summer intern Naomi Vasquez returns to Dixie State University in Utah after contributing to the news team as a junior reporter. MV Photo

Majoring in media in Dixie State University, Vazquez inadvertently landed a summer internship at Marianas Variety by writing about a fellow classmate and Million Dollar Scholar for their college’s newspaper, Dixie Sun.

After the publication of her article in Marianas Variety, she was offered an internship and the Million Dollar Scholarship Program headed by MyPros Executive Director Gerard Van Gils worked to get her here for the summer.

Vazquez covered education, technology and youth stories during her internship, bringing attention to some of the islands’ notable programs such as Open Reef Innovations, a week-long, technology-education camp, MyPros events as well as inspiring college student and local professional features.

“The experience was all so new for me and pushed me way out of my comfort zone.  Things got so much more real and the world got a little bigger,” said Vazquez. “I would not have imagined this awesome opportunity and how far I have come in personal and professional growth in such a short time.”

Drawn into the media world by her love of writing, Vazquez was offered a position on the Dixie Sun by assistant professor of communications and paper adviser Rhiannon Bent “who saw something in her.”

“I trusted the fact that Professor Bent has been doing this for a long time and saw something in me, in my writing abilities so I decided to take the opportunity and I fell in love with the multimedia field,” said Vazquez.

From creative writing to news production, Vazquez has also plans to go into filmmaking and this internship has motivated her to give it her all this coming semester.

“Being a journalist is hard, it is demanding in a unique way. You have to have great at writing, have good interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills as well as have the social capital to navigate and build networks and relationships for the whole idea of getting information out to the public and the community,” she noted.

“After this, I am ready to work hard, put all my newfound skills to the test, including in my position as public relations director for our student council.  My confidence in my work has grown and I am deeply appreciative for the opportunity,” she added.

“Helping young journalists develop their skills on the field is such a joy and continues to be a priority for us,” said Marianas Variety publisher Laila Y. Boyer. “We are glad to have had Naomi on the team and we are excited for the possibilities she has to explore.”

Marianas Variety offers summer internships, cooperative ed partnerships and a newspaper program for local middle and high schools that includes newsroom, photography, graphic art training, providing free design, layout and printing of the school newsletters to help foster multimedia careers.