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Diver finds human skull

A HUMAN skull was found by a diver underwater near Garapan Fishing Base on Tuesday afternoon, Department of Public Safety public relations officer Jackie Rae said.

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The human skull found underwater near Garapan Fishing Base, Tuesday afternoon.  Aquasmith photo

She said the diver was out on a spear-fishing tour with a client when they approached some wreckage.

About 75 feet from the wreckage, the diver noticed what he believed to be a rock. When he attempted to pick up the rock the current shifted, at which time he noticed the rock was actually a human skull, Rae said.

The diver notified DPS. On Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018 at 2 p.m., the Aquasmith diver accompanied Boating Safety officers to Garapan Fishing Base and guided them to the skull.

Rae said Boating Safety officers will “search for any additional remains and conduct a thorough canvas of the area.”

She said DPS “will process the skull to determine where it came from.”