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Rita Sablan: PSS should get 25% of government revenues

“IF we are currently in an economic boom as the current administration is claiming, why is  the Public School System not getting 25 percent of the government’s annual general revenues as mandated by the Constitution?”

This was the question posed  by former Education Commissioner Rita A. Sablan, Ed.D., the running-mate of independent gubernatorial candidate Juan N. Babauta, a former governor.

Rita A. Sablan

The Board of Education is planning to take the central government to court in order to clarify what constitutes “government revenues.”

Sablan said the school district really deserves the 25 percent. “It is for our children, it is for our teachers, and they need  that kind of support  to implement a 21st century education program,” she added.

“I really hope that all the earmarks that are not constitutionally mandated are taken out of the general  appropriation bill so that we can give the 25 percent  of government revenues to the school district which it rightfully deserves,” she added.

Sablan said the Legislature has been earmarking funds  to reduce the general revenue amount. “That is not fair to PSS,” she added.

She said earmarks should be placed in the general fund “so that all government agencies will benefit — that is the whole point of having a budget.”

“Why do we have to fight for funding for our kids? We should not be doing that.”

 Sablan served as commissioner of education for eight years before retiring in Aug. 2016. She is credited with successfully implementing many innovations and improvements in PSS, including giving students a 21st century school environment.